We are a small crew of people operating a restaurant and live music venue in the North End of Rockford, IL.  We serve brunch with a Nordic twist, and we create a new dinner menu every week.  We try to be inclusive in our practices, conscious in our consumption, and active in our community, We hope you'll visit.  Skål!

Emma Spahr - Manager, Snømarket Mastermind, Minnesota Sayings 
Steph Banks - Executive Brunch Chef, Egg Whisperer, Future Food Trucker
Kent Abernathy - Brunch Sous Chef, Skater Boy, Cat Dad
Manny Sotelo - Brunch Chef De Partie, Mountain Biker, Marksman
Tyler Galliano - Brunch Expo, Night Line Cook, Nicest Man In The Universe
Cam "Jimmy" St. Clair - Executive Night Chef, Carver of Foods, Carver of Streets
Elijah Day - Night Sous Chef, Jah, Fisher King
Lincoln Flowers - Night Chef De Partie, Food Special Specialist, Songsmith
Dom Romano - Old World Sourdough Bread Maker, Fermenter, Forager
Anna Owens - Pastry Chef, Slow Fashion, Food Scrap Millionaire
Maynard Martin - Dish Hero, Dance Moves, Sports Facts
James Thompson - Dish Hero, Young Man, Soul Music Freak
Verity Graham - Server, Bread Pudding Aficionado, British Bombshell 
Taylor Hopkins - Mixologist, Coordinated Event Coordinator, Style Icon
Niklas Leonhardt - Server/Mixologist, Beard Boss, Turquoise Cowboy
Ryan Jacobsen - Server, Alaskan In Spirit, Lake Life
Al LaMantia - Server, Farmer, Future Owner of The Norwegian B & B in the Upper Peninsula 
Natalie Newton - Mixologist, Sunday Brunch Manager, Farmer 
Breanda Fedie - Mixologist, Artist, Lark's Mama
Jack Barnett - Bar Manager, Cocktail Artist, Mathe-musician 
Adam Barnett - Manager, Beer Nerd, The Thing
Olivia Matthews - Barista, Style Skills, Tech Skills
Lilith Wulf - Host, Baltic Symbols, Vocal Cymbals 
Atti Hall - Host, Gate Keeper, Advocate Of The Color Pink
Karen Burke - Server, Mezcal Maestro, Polecat
Brooke St. John - Runner, Professional Dining Room Organizer, Mama
Mali Omari - Runner, Expo-In-Training, Day Saver
Victor Omari - Runner, "Slick Vic," Track Star
Jessica Johnson - Server, Skater, The Perfect Cheer
Rebecca Coffin - Market Pastry Chef, Mascarpone Advocate, T-Shirt Game
Mark Christensen - Owner, Dishwasher in Training, Norwegian (not Swede)
Emily Hurd Christensen - Owner, Swede (not Norwegian), Songwriter


The restaurant will be closed for day and night service December 15, 16, & 17 for 
Bundle up in winter gear and get cozy out in our parking lot with us!  We will be transforming it into a Nordic Fishing village. Our event is free & open to the public.  Enjoy a mug of homemade glögg, hot chocolate, æbleskiver, lefse, fish on a stick, and more. Street parking available.
Sponsored by the City of Rockford's “Forward For Fun” grant.


Friday & Saturday, December 15 & 16, 3 pm - 9 pm
3 pm-5 pm Herring Toss 
Kids Craft Corner Indoors 
5 pm- 8 pm Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
5 pm - 8 pm “Write Your Name In Runes”
Marshmallow Trick Shots
Snowball Scooping Competition
Viking Tug of War
7 pm - 8:30 pm Christmas Carole-oke
8:00 pm Viking Story Telling Around The Fire 

Special Saturday Feature Indoors 3 pm - 9 pm
Spindle & Shears is a sister act weaving together historical accuracy, education, and fun for modern audiences. Their reenactment provides an honest understanding of the Past that can help us to wisely engage with our Present to create a just Future. Dressed as Viking era women, Arian Rana and Lane Ellen invite guests to experience common life and material culture through re-creation and demonstration, including the opportunity for hands-on interaction. On December 16th, come see supported spinning, Viking-era wire knit jewelry making, touch 2000-year old beads, and learn how you show your status in Birka, Sweden society in the year 920. 

Sunday, December 17  11 am - 4 pm
 11 am-1 pm Herring Toss 
Kids Craft Corner Indoors 
1 pm- 4 pm Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
1 pm: Swedish Historical Society's St. Lucia Choir
1 pm - 3 pm “Write Your Name In Runes”
Marshmallow Trick Shots
Snowball Scooping Competition
Viking Tug of War
2:30 pm - 4 pm Christmas Carole-oke

 Normal Hours of Operation: 7:30 am to 2 pm Wednesday-Sunday 
5 pm to 9 pm Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 
Closed: Mondays & Tuesdays

For questions, please email us at info@thenorwegian.com or call 815-329-6191 during business hours
1402 N Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103