We are a small crew of people operating a brunch pub and live music venue in Rockford, IL.  We hope you'll visit.  Skål!

Jen Tillou - Beignet Advocate, Mayo Mama, Gumbo Guru 
Steph Banks - Omelet Master, Kanelsnurrer Star, Future Food Trucker
Dom Romano - Fermenter, Forager, Flour Boxer,​​​​​​ Dad Jokes
Cam Bejarano - Grill, Posole King, Proponent of Chorizo 
Phi Bach - Fried Rice Whisperer, Plate Artist, Jukebox
Cam "Jimmy" St. Clair - Night Chef, Carver of Fruits, Carver of Streets 
Rebecca Coffin - Baker of Cookies, Market Manager, T-Shirt Game
Chad Pope - Dish Machine, Restaurant Backbone, Everybody's Favorite
Verity Graham - Server, Bread Pudding Aficionado, British Bombshell 
Josh Johnson - Bar Manager, Heartthrob, Mad Dance Moves
Taylor Hopkins - Server, Singer, Sweetheart 
Emma Robbins Spahr - Assistant Manager, Simple Syrup Master, Minnesota Sayings
Amy Shenk - Mixologist, 70's Babe, Lightbulb Nerd
Bennett Freeze - Barista Manager, Espresso Professor, Latté Art
Yvette Naud - Expo, Garde Mo, Gusto
Kwesi Talavera - Host With The Most, Resident Vegan, Future Liqueur Maker
Ruby Gary - Cairn Queen, Clap Back, Maker of Music
Dan Lindburg - Kitchen Crew, Norwegian Baker, Big Heart
Alison LaMantia - Present Prepper, Past Server, Future Butcher
Joan Hurd - Owner, Resident Scotch Expert, House Mom
Mark Christensen - Owner, Dishwasher in Training, Norwegian (not Swede)
Emily Hurd Christensen - Owner, Swede (not Norwegian), Songwriter


Kitchen Hours of Operation: 9 am to 7 pm Thursday-Saturday; Sunday 9am-2pm
Snømarket Hours of Operation: 9 am to 7 pm Thursday-Sunday​​​​
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Most Holidays. 

For questions, please email us at info@thenorwegian.com or call 815-329-6191 
1402 N Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103