We are a small crew of people operating a restaurant and live music venue in the North End of Rockford, IL.  We serve brunch with a Nordic twist, and we create a new dinner menu every week.  We try to be inclusive in our practices, conscious in our consumption, and active in our community, We hope you'll visit.  Skål!

Steph Banks - Egg Whisperer, Kitchen Boss, Future Food Trucker
Cam "Jimmy" St. Clair - Head Night Chef, Carver of Foods, Carver of Streets
Dom Romano - Fermenter, Forager, Flour Boxer,​​​​​​ Dad Jokes
Rebecca Coffin - Night Pastry Chef, Mascarpone Advocate, T-Shirt Game
Niklas Leonhardt - Gravlax King, Beard Boss, Turquoise Cowboy
Lincoln Flowers - Garde Manger, Food Special Specialist, Songsmith
Shephen Shearrow - Night Chef, Meow Man, Star Wars Paraphernalia
Meg Mack - Mad Meg, A + Intern, Rock of the Kitchen
Elijah Day - Night Chef, Jah, Laundry Suite
Michael Turley - Day & Night Chef, Ike Turle, Skordalia Skills
Ian Lippitt - Dish Hero, Weekend Skiver King, Sweetheart
Maynard Martin - Dish Hero, Dance Moves, Sports Facts
Anna Owens - Pastry Chef, Slow Fashion, Food Scrap Millionaire
Jack Barnett - Bar Manager, Cocktail Artist, Mathe-musician
Verity Graham - Server, Bread Pudding Aficionado, British Bombshell 
Ryan Jacobsen - Server, Restaurant Neighbor, Fashion Guru
Adam Barnett - Manager, Beer Nerd, The Thing
Emma Spahr - Manager, Panic Solver, Minnesota Sayings
Al LaMantia - Server, Farmer, Future Owner of The Norwegian B & B in the Upper Peninsula
Karen Burke - Server, Mezcal Maestro, Polecat
Natalie Newton - Bartender, Farmer, Spotify Hero
Breanda Fedie - Mixologist, Artist, Mama-to-Be
Taylor Hopkins - Mixologist, Coordinated Event Coordinator, Bodacious Babe
Olivia Matthews - Barista Skills, Style Skills, Tech Skills
Lilith Wulf - Host, Baltic Symbols, Vocal Cymbals 
Mark Christensen - Owner, Dishwasher in Training, Norwegian (not Swede)
Emily Hurd Christensen - Owner, Swede (not Norwegian), Songwriter



Hours of Operation: 7:30 am to 2 pm Wednesday-Sunday 
5 pm to 9 pm Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 
Closed: Mondays & Tuesdays

For questions, please email us at info@thenorwegian.com or call 815-329-6191 during business hours
1402 N Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103