*Star denotes items available to-go 
The following menu is available Wednesday-Sunday, 8 am to 2 pm.  
 Thursday, Friday & Saturday dinner runs 5 pm to 9 pm,  and the menu varies weekly. 


*Æbleskiver three for 6. or six for 9. (Danish pancake balls w/ maple syrup, house-made raspberry jam & powdered sugar)   

*Pyttipanne 13.*v *gf (hash of fried red potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, turnips, & tofu, tossed in house maple cashew sauce) 

*Sourdough Biscuits & Gravy 9. (Dom's sourdough biscuits w/ Scandinavian pork sausage gravy) 

Shakshuka 12.(tomato, onion, & red pepper stew, topped w/ feta & choice of two poached cage-free eggs or tofu scramble; served w/ Dom's spelt bread (vegan if made w/ tofu & no feta)  

Açai Bowl 8.  *v *gf (toasted walnut & cherry muesli (reindeer feed) w/ açai sorbet & fresh fruit)   

CLASSIC PLATES (All items served w/ choice of smashed red potato, fruit, or house-made hay salt chips) 

*The Norwegian Handheld 10. (breakfast sandwich made of one over medium cage-free egg, bacon, Jarlsberg cheese, chive butter, & cherry jam on Dom's English muffin) 

*The Impossible Handheld 10. (breakfast sandwich made of Impossible breakfast sausage, cashew cheese, tofu scramble, & black raspberry mustard on Dom's English muffin)

*Croque-Monsieur 13.(warm Eickman's ham, Jarlsberg, & béchamel on hearty white bread)  

Croque-Madame 14. (warm Eickman's ham, Jarlsberg, & béchamel on hearty white bread, topped w/ a sunny-side up cage-free egg)  

Omelette 10. (cage-free eggs & Havarti cheese w/ choice of bacon, caramelized onions, spinach, or mighty-vine tomatoes; served Dom's Øland wheat toast)  

(*gf bread available)  

LUNCH (All items served w/ choice of smashed red potato, fruit, or house-made hay salt chips) 

*Frikadeller 15. (Danish smashed meatball, Jarlsberg, house sauerkraut & lingonberry pickle aioli on Great Harvest light rye) 

*Mushroom Melt 13. (pastrami-seasoned mushrooms, Jarlsberg, house sauerkraut, & horseradish mustard aioli on Great Harvest light rye (vegan w/ out Jarlsberg)) 

*B.A.L.T. 13. (bacon, herb aioli, organic lettuce, & tomato on hearty white bread) 

*Cloud Grilled Cheese 10. (toasted raclette cheese sandwich w/ cloudberry jam on hearty white (add bacon for $3))

*Shrimp Salad 15. (poached shrimp salad, local lettuce, pickled onion, Great Harvest rye croutons, & hard-boiled egg, w/ herb dressing; can be made gluten-free) 


Smashed Red Potato 
Cage Free Egg
Toast or English Muffin w/ Butter or Earth Balance
Pickled Herring
Bacon or Eickman's ham
Fruit Cup


*Swedish Cinnamon Knot 3. 
Ice Cream Smørrebrød 8. 
*Nordic Cookie 1.5
*Suksesskake 6.

  *We proudly support Harrison Market Gardens, High Swallow Farms, Barnacle Foods, Mushroom Mike, Great Harvest Bread, SuckerPunch Gourmet, Lost & Found Farm, Broadview Farm & Gardens, Prairie Street Brewhouse, Sally Sue's Coffee, Pinnon's Foods, Co-Op Hot Sauce 

gf – prepared gluten free     v – vegan     df – dairy free    
*consuming raw or undercooked foods increases your risk of foodborne illness 


Mimosa(made w/ organic Tiamo Prosecco) 8. 

Lingonberry Mimosa 8. 

Mimosa Flight 16. 

Norwegian Bloody 9.(our briny take on a Bloody Mary that comes w/ olive & kelp pickle; served w/ Carlsberg snit)  

House-made Akvavit Shot 5. 

The New Fashioned 9.  (a Nordic play on a standard cocktail; made w/ Emerald Giant rye, raw sugar, Curaçao, lingonberry juice, Angostura bitters)  

The Sauna Jumper 9. (like a bracing dip in a glacial stream; made w/ house aquavit, Amaro dell’Etna, gin, elderflower liqueur)  

The Æro Island 10. (a sweet tiki-style cocktail of Plantation 3 Stars rum, Plantation Original Dark rum, rhubarb syrup, Cappaletti Aperitivo, pineapple juice, & lemon) 

The Midsommar Sour 9. (a bright blend of Redwood Empire bourbon, honey sage syrup, lemon juice, grapefruit)  

The Train to Tromsø 9. (an herbal tonic of organic vodka, génépy, house mint syrup, lime juice, organic prosecco) 

The Rock-fjord Marg 10. (Josh's sweet & smoky mixture of Cimarron tequila, mezcal, Falernum, lime, simple, Wolfamer) 

The Norwegian Radler 8. (Amy's Scandinavian spin on a classic: Citadelle gin, grapefruit juice, orange juice, simple, & Carlsberg) 

The Sommarøy 9. (our tribute to a Norwegian fishing island that abolished time: organic vodka, Kalani coconut liqueur, lemon, & elderflower liqueur) 


Carlsberg Lager 5.(draft)  
Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen 6. 
Avery White Rascal Belgian White Ale 6. 
Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale 6. *gf  
Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 7. 
Two Brothers Love of Hops Hazy IPA 6. 
Belhaven Scotch Ale 7. 
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro 6. 
Metropolitan Generator Doppelbock 6.
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar 5. 
St. Bernardus Abbey Ale 8.
Wolffer Dry Rosé Cider 8.  
Organic Tiamo Prosecco 8. 

WHITE WINE (glass/bottle) 

Daybreak Sauvignon Blanc 8/25 
Bernier Chardonnay 9/32 
Riff Pinot Grigio 7/24 
Rustenberg Chenin Blanc 7/24
Stefano Farina Moscato 7/24 
Organic Pratsch Rosé 8/25 

RED WINE (glass / bottle)  

Castle Rock Pinot Noir 9/32 
Nonni Malbec 8/25 
Alexander Valley Sin Zin Zinfandel 10/34 
Black’s Station Cabernet 7/24 
Laroque Cabernet Franc 9/32 
Broadside Printers Alley Red Blend 9/32 


GLÖGG (seasonal) 7. 


Töst Mimosa 6. (sparkling white tea w/ choice of orange or lingonberry juice) 
Lingonberry Spritzer 5. (lingonberry juice, mint, Sprite) 
Tivoli Garden 5. (cucumber, mint, honey, ginger beer) 


Double espresso 3. 
Americano 3. 
Latte 3.5 
Cappuccino 3.5 
Mocha 4. (house-made chocolate) 
Red Eye 3.5 
Espresso Fresco 4.5. (double shot of espresso over iced soda water & oleo-saccharum w/ basil garnish) 
The Loki 6. (quad shot of espresso, caramel, milk, layered w/ heavy cream, cinnamon, & dash of salt) 
Affogato 6. (double shot of espresso w/ scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream)

(add a flavor shot or oat, coconut, almond, or soy milk for 60 cents) 


Coffee 2.5 
Iced Tea 2. 
House-made Lemonade 4. 
Hot Cocoa 3. 
Chai Tea Latte 3.5 
Hot Tea 2. 
Soda 2. 
Orange Juice 2. 
Grape Juice 2. 
Health Kick (ask server) 4. 
Whole Milk/ Oat Milk/Coconut Milk/Almond Milk/Soy Milk 2.5 


Hours of Operation: 8 am to 2 pm Wednesday-Sunday. 
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5pm-9pm. Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, & Most Holidays. 
For reservations, please use OpenTable
For questions, please email us at info@thenorwegian.com or call 815-329-6191 
1402 N Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103