Please call 815-329-6191 to place an order for pick up. We are running a limited menu until we are allowed to open our dining room.  Your support is so appreciated.  We'll return to our regular menu just as soon as we're permitted to run at full capacity.

CLASSIC FROKOST (BREAKFAST) Available 9 am to 1 pm

Special Breakfast Sandwich: house smoked pork, cage free fried egg, & spicy honey butter on Jen's house made biscuit

Æbleskiver three for 6; six for 9. *k (Danish pancake balls w/ maple syrup & house raspberry jam) 

Omelette 10. (cage-free eggs & Havarti cheese w/ choice of bacon, spinach, caramelized onions, & tomato; served w/ English muffin)

Reindeer Feed 7. *v *gf (house toasted walnut & cherry muesli w/ almond yogurt) 

The Norwegian Handheld 10. (breakfast sandwich on English muffin w/ cage-free fried egg, bacon, Jarlsberg cheese, chive butter, & cherry jam; w/ choice of smashed red potatoes or house fries) 

The Vegan Handheld 9. *v (vegan breakfast sausage, cashew cheese, tofu scramble, & blueberry mustard on English muffin;; w/ choice of smashed red potatoes or house fries) 

Croque Madame 14. (warm Eickman’s ham, Jarlsberg, & béchamel on hearty white bread, topped w/ a sunny-side up cage-free egg) 

Lefse 5. (house potato flat bread w/ butter; Fridays only)

Sourdough Donuts (Saturdays only; ask us about our weekly flavors)

SANDWICHES (w/ choice of smashed red potatoes or fries) Available 11 am to 2 pm

The Scandi Burger 14. (pan seared beef w/ Danish seasonings, house beet pickles, & Gorgonzola crème fraîche on Great Harvest Light Rye) 

Mushroom Melt 13. (open-faced sandwich of pastrami-seasoned mushrooms, Jarlsberg, house sauerkraut, & horseradish mustard aioli on Great Harvest light rye (vegan w/ out Jarlsberg)) 

Cloud Grilled Cheese 10. (toasted gouda or Havarti cheese sandwich w/ cloudberry jam on hearty white (add bacon for $3)) 

Wild Boar Sandwich 14. (braised wild boar w/ Jarlsberg, lingonberry BBQ, & house sauerkraut on hoagie roll) 

SOUPS & STEWS  Available 11 am to 7 pm

Please ask your server 

SØTSAKER (sweets) Available all day

Swedish Cinnamon Knot 3. Eggnog Cake 5. Nordic Cookies (assorted prices). Marzipan 2. 


Coffee 2.5.  
Iced Tea 2.  
House-made Lemonade 4. 
Hot Cocoa 3.  
Chai Tea Latte 3.5.  
Hot Tea 2.  
Soda 2.  
Orange Juice 2.  
Grape Juice 2.   


Double Espresso3.  
Latte 3.5.  
Cappuccino 3.5.  
Mocha 4. (house-made chocolate)   
Red Eye 3.5.   
The Loki 6. (quad shot of espresso, caramel, milk, layered w/ heavy cream, cinnamon, & dash of salt, served hot or cold over ice)  

Whole Milk / Oat Milk / Coconut Milk /Almond Milk / Soy Milk 2.5.   
(add flavor shot or oat, coconut, almond, or soy milk for 60 cents)  

HOUSE COCKTAILS (we also make classics) 

Mimosa 8. 
Lingonberry Mimosa 8. 
House-made Akvavit Shot 5. 
The Norwegian Bloody 9. (w/ Carlsberg snit, olive, & kelp pickle) 
Sauna Jumper 9. (house akvavit, Amaro dell’Etna, gin, elderflower liqueur) 
New Fashioned 9. (Emerald Giant rye, curaçao, sugar, lingonberry juice, Angostura bitters) 
Honey Oat Espresso Martini 9. (organic vodka, coffee liqueur, oat milk, honey) 


Glögg 5. 
Cinnamon Spiked Cocoa 5. (house-made hot cocoa, tequila, cinnamon) 


Warre’s Ruby Porto 6. 
Warre’s Otima 10-year Tawny Porto 8. 


Carlsberg Lager 5. (draft) 
Avery White Rascal Belgian White Ale 6. 
Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale *gf 6. 
Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 7. 
Surly Rocket Surgery IPA 6. 
Belhaven Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 7. 
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro 6. 
Rogue Dead Guy Ale  6. 
Organic Tiamo Prosecco 8. 

WHITE WINE (glass / bottle) 

Daybreak Sauvignon Blanc 8 / 25 
Bernier Chardonnay 9 / 32 
Riff Pinot Grigio 7 / 24 
Stefano Farina Moscato 7 / 24 

RED WINE (glass / bottle) 

Castle Rock Pinot Noir 9 / 32 
Black’s Station Cabernet 7 / 24 
Black’s Station Petite Sirah 7 / 24 
Broadside Printers Alley Red Blend 9 / 32 

Töst Mimosa 6. (sparkling white tea, w/ choice of orange or lingonberry juice) 
Lingonberry Spritzer 5. (lingonberry juice, Sprite) 
Tivoli Garden 5. (cucumber, mint, honey, ginger beer)

Kitchen Hours of Operation: 9 am to 7 pm Thursday-Saturday; Sunday 9am-2pm
Snømarket Hours of Operation: 9 am to 7 pm Thursday-Sunday​​​​
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Most Holidays. 

For questions, please email us at or call 815-329-6191 
1402 N Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103